Anders Szczepanski – University of Linkoping, Sweden
Friday night talk topic - Outdoor education when we put Earth, Body and Mind together in the context of mindscape and landscape

Workshop - Your outdoor rucksack, how to use it: Where, when, what, how and why - in different learning environments

Anders Szczepanski has a University Prof Dr. and Licentiate Degree (Fil lic) in Education focused on outdoor educational and scientific specialization with extensive expertise as a researcher, teacher and international expert in extended learning environments in Sweden, Scandinavia. Europe and Asia (Japan, China and Singapore). Lecturer, TV presenter in the training programs, workshop leaders and authors of educational materials. Research papers and information available at

Ciara Hinksman – Earth Force Education

Workshop - Autumnal Introduction to Forest School

Two passionate outdoor learners and forest school leaders Ciara Hinksman of Earth Force Education and Lucy Bell of GROWing Gardens, are delighted to introduce you to two hours of forest school-style activities and ethos. Forest School is typically a blend of leader initiated, outdoor learning-style activities and creating space for child-directed play. We will follow the affordances of the season and make woodland crafts using tools and explore the landscape, ourselves and each other as learners through games and play.

Ciara Hinksman formed her environmental education company, Earth Force Education in 2009 after living off grid in Co. Kerry for three months learning bushcraft, sustainable living and nature connection. Her main inspiration comes from the experience she has had with the international nature connection movement started by world renowned tracker and author Jon Young.
Ciara is a Heritage in Schools specialist for nature connection and sustainability, runs Forest School programmes and kids bushcraft camps. She is an An Taisce Green Schools Biodiversity specialist and delivers nature connection and Intro to Forest School Continuous Professional Development courses for Adults.
She can be seen here featured as part of the RTE Goes Wild series on Nationwide, see
Ciara is the founding chair of the Irish Forest School Association (IFSA). She coordinates the Certificate in Forest School Programme Leadership trainings in Co. Wicklow with UK trainers Circle of Life Training.

John and Kerryann Fitzgerald – Atlantic Irish Seaweed
Workshop – Seaweed Discovery tour
We will run a two-hour seaweed discovery workshop, from 10am to 12pm on 15th October, which consists of a talk and slideshow explaining the history and health benefits behind these sea plants and a chance to taste and enjoy a variety of prepared seaweed dishes and beverages.
As a lifelong Seaweed “grazer” John Fitzgerald’s scientific background and love of the sea led him to research the many seaweeds that thrive in our temperate waters.
Kerryann’s passion for nature, her culinary acumen and her training in photography led her and John to set up a series of hands-on discovery walks and workshops.
Located on the pristine coastline of the Wild Atlantic Way at Derrynane on the Ring of Kerry, we have been running Seaweed Discovery Tours and Workshops since 2009.
Workshops/Tastings are customised for individuals as well as small and larger groups that take place all along the spectacular Kerry coastline. All are enjoyed by novices and "seaweeders" alike. As educators and custodians of the marine habitat our environmental policy is to respect, enjoy, and protect the natural wonders that surround us.
More info is available on their website at


Niall Hogan – Derrynane Clinic of Herbal Medicine
Workshop – Herbal Medicine for the Home
This Herbal Medicine for the Home workshop will introduce the idea of using locally and easily available plants, herbs and spices for an array of common every day ailments and the methods of preparation best suited for their particular uses.

Niall initially studied Plant science before returning to college to study Herbal science and then complete an intensive two-year Clinical Practitioner Training program which included 500 hours of supervised clinical practice based in the Evergreen Clinic Cork and The Lismore Clinic Waterford. He currently practices from the Derrynane Clinic of Herbal Medicine in Caherdaniel, holds a monthly clinic in Killarney and teaches on a number of herbal medicine related courses in the Cork and Kerry region. Visit Niall’s website at

Alex Carey – Carey Yoga and Nutrition
Workshop - Kids Yoga
Kids Yoga is an incredibly versatile method of teaching our children about the world around them, while empowering them with life skills that help them recognise their importance within it. A kids’ yoga class incorporates the principles of yoga, yoga postures, breathing exercises and guided relaxations into a wider theme, like nature, heritage and the outdoors, to help children engage with that theme in a fun and interactive way. Using stories, songs, games, appropriately themed breath work techniques and guided relaxations kids can immerse themselves in cultural themes, nature and the great outdoors, whatever the weather and wherever they are.

Alex Carey is an adult and kids’ yoga instructor, a qualified nutritionist and a busy mum. She follows the philosophy that you are never too old or too young to take an interest in your health and wellbeing. Alex believes that yoga is the perfect method of achieving all around good health, as yoga tones your body, strengthens your mind and inspires your soul. She also feels that Yoga helps us cultivate a positive body image which permeates positively into all other aspects of our lives from our diets to our relationships and to the wider world around us. Learn more on her website at or check out her Facebook page at

Helena Kettleborough – Centre for Connected Practice
Workshop - Joining Nature to Community and Cosmos
Helena invites you to join with her in a participative journey to create your own individual map for hopeful futures. Starting with a story of biodiversity loss, ‘Gaia’s Graveyards’ and our tasks ahead for the future, linking with positive stories from around the world of communities taking action for nature and social justice. Inspirational speakers will be referenced who link communities to the wider cosmos, connecting to the learning opportunities at the Dark Skies Reserve. Helena will invite participants to consider local strengths and how they can be used to help preserve and protect the wonderful nature of Iveragh. Everyone will be invited to choose their own step forward for nature, growing from these opportunities. Finally, participants will be encouraged to share their maps and steps with others and continue to reflect on these themes as part of the Iveragh Learning Landscapes Weekend. Helena will be around and happy to share in these conversations at the ‘books in a suitcase’ stall.

Dr. Helena Mary Kettleborough teaches responsible enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Business School at undergraduate and postgraduate levels; works in the community delivering workshops on sustainability and biodiversity loss and is an active volunteer in her inner city neighbourhood. Helena was awarded her PhD from Lancaster University Business School in 2014 and is now working to share, teach and publish the research, co-founding the Centre for Connected Practice: Helena draws on her career as a senior manager in Local Authorities delivering community development, learning and neighbourhood regeneration services within the North West of England as examples of what communities can achieve together. In the MMU Student Union Awards, Helena was awarded Outstanding Teacher in Sustainability (2016) and nominated for Outstanding Teacher in Innovation (2017).

Ronan Foley
Workshop - Therapeutic Landscapes – Connecting with Green and Blue Space, might seem attractive to people.


Lucy Hunt – Seasynergy, Marine Awareness and Education Centre.
Workshop – How the sea stays with you and adventures to the shore.
This workshop will entail a trip to the local coastline where everyone is an explorer, learning about local marine biodiversity in fun ways and experiential learning about the omnipresent connection we have with the ocean.
Lucy Hunt is a marine biologist, ocean advocate and health coach with a MSc in Marine environmental protection. After working in Marine education for over ten years she opened Sea Synergy marine awareness centre in Waterville in 2014 where she operates a unique sea life exhibition and a variety of workshops. She loves empowering people of all ages through the marine environment in her workshops creating a connection between people and the ocean. She has been involved in various research and conservation projects worldwide and works in Ireland with the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group and The Irish Basking shark project.
Her full biography can be found on her website at


Karin Bacon – Inquiry Based Learning
A talk for parents and teachers (running alongside Lucy Hunt- Marine awareness)
Karin Bacon is a lecturer in the areas of Science and Social Studies education at the Marino Institute of Education, an associate college of education of Trinity College Dublin [TCD]. She works with undergraduate and PME students and co-ordinates a module on Inquiry Based Learning [IBL] on the M.ES in ECE. She completed her doctorate degree in children’s inquiry at TCD and holds a Masters in Science Education. She spent seven years at the Munich International School before returning to Ireland in 1999 to work in the area of professional development and in-service training for the primary curriculum. In 2007, she founded and was the first head of the International School of Dublin, which remains the only International Baccalaureate primary school in Ireland.

Áine Bird – The BurrenBeo Trust
Intro talk – The Burrenbeo Trust, Engaging Communities
Burrenbeo Trust is a landscape charity dedicated to connecting people with place and helping identify the role each of us can take in caring for these places going forward. The charity was established in 2008, based in the Burren, and currently has over 40 programmes in education, information provision, active conservation, research and advocacy. Its overall focus is conservation through life-long learning and is a leading advocate for place-based learning nationally. Today, the charity has 4 staff, 320 conservation volunteers, and over 4000 subscribers. Whilst it is based in the Burren, it is keen to share its experience and exchange with other areas that are also engaging in place-based learning both nationally and internationally. More info can be found online at

Workshop - Community Engagement: The Active Stewardship Model
As Education and Communications Officer for Burrenbeo Trust, Áine is responsible for coordinating the 20-week heritage programmes for primary schools and 10-week programmes for secondary schools in the Burren. She recently completed a Master in Education focused on the potential for place-based learning in Irish formal education. Prior to Burrenbeo, she was an Education Officer in Glenveagh National Park. She is a member of the national Heritage in Schools panel.

Aoibheann Lambe - Prehistoric Rock art
Friday night -Guided walk to local rock art in Caherdaniel
Carvings in the open air from the the latter part of the Stone Age, the Neolithic, are found in their hundreds in Kerry. Referred to as 'rock art', they are often overlooked due to weathering and lichen encrustation. Having found many previously undocumented examples, Aoibheann, who is undertaking research in the hope of gaining an insight into the ideologies of the people who made these enigmatic and little understood carvings c. five thousand years ago, will share some of her ideas with you.
Workshop – Hedge Schools
The Penal Laws were introduced into Ireland in the 17th century at a time when Ireland was under British rule. Severe penalties were inflicted on those who were caught in defiance of these laws. As it was forbidden by law for Roman Catholics to receive education, across the country, schooling began to be conducted in secret in what came to be known as 'hedge schools'. We will visit the site of a former hedge school in Caherdaniel and discuss what it would have been like to be there.
Aoibheann Lambe is based in Caherdaniel and currently working on a research masters on Rock art in the School of Archaeology, UCC.
Aoibheann Lambe's field walking over the past 4 years has yielded over 80 new archaeological finds. Here in Iveragh is her favourite place to explore as, in this most beautiful and unspoilt of settings, there is such a wealth of archaeological sites dating as far back as the Stone Age.
You can book a tour with Aoibheann at…/republi…/kerry/sneem/offer/3-16127/


Sean O’ Leary
Workshop – Story Building
Participants will use natural raw materials, such as wood, stones, shells, feathers and available blooms/foliage to create a group of puppets in a fantastic natural landscape.
Using nature as our guide, the puppet’s character will reflect the Celtic interpretations of the south Kerry landscape.
These puppets will then be used as an inspiration, for a story that the group will build on and act out at the end.
As a teacher, storyteller, puppeteer, artist, writer, but most of all, an igniter of the imagination! Sean is always coming up with new ideas for engaging students in the creative process and using that engagement to further their creative expression.
He has researched and now share a lot of Irish stories, mythology and folklore to give Adults and children alike, an introduction to Irish culture and it’s relevance in todays society.
This year saw the birth of the “Tribal Challenge” where I take students into the countryside and ask them to build something using natural materials - tree, grass and stone.
The challenge is not just in the creation of these ‘living and growing sculptures’ but in the working together as a tribe, in a spirit of inclusiveness. It is such a great experience for participants who get to learn so much about themselves and the living landscape.
Using Nature, Folklore and the landscape, to create a vehicle of expression and exploration of the world around us, is where I'm most comfortable.

Anita McKeown PhD, FRSA, MAAG
Workshop - TASTY! Ice cream playshop
Tasty! invites you to an ice cream playshop for 'children' of all ages. Learn about Iveragh's edible, medicinal landscape - grown and wild. Starting with a walk through Tech Amergin's sensory garden to gather some locally grown herbs, the playshop shares a simple ice cream making technique that you can use to explore a local landscape, in your own time.
Participants will also learn how to make nut milk, use alternative more healthy sweeteners and make their own flavours from a range of local ingredients.
Ages - all ages but children under 14 should be accompanied by an adult. Ingredients will be provided.
Anita McKeown is an itinerant interdisciplinary artist, curator, researcher and educator, that uses a range of strategic tactics; situated arts practice, publication and education seek to co-create local-scale interventions that are context-responsive and ecologically sensitive. Working across artforms, projects arise from relationships with people and place to contribute to and encourage a systemic approach to self-organisation and resilience.

Vincent Hyland – Wild Derrynane
Workshop - Making the Invisible visible at Wild Derrynane
Multimedia tools for coastal and underwater wildlife interpretation
Vincent Hyland has been providing outdoor education to teachers, students, parents and kids since he founded the multi award winning online and print magazine Wild Ireland back in 1998. In 2001, he wrote and performed his 'Amazing Oceans' Roadshow which visited over 100 schools nationwide. This show was the precursor to the Marine Institutes 'Explorer' programme where he provided illustrations for their school’s workbooks.
In 2000 he set up, wrote, filmed, photographed and web broadcast the very first cross platform (internet, radio and TV) wildlife 'live' event in Europe. This 80-day live broadcast project won a coveted Prix D'Europa prize and followed the nesting lives of Jackdaws. It went on to become RTE's 'Nestwatch' series.
He filmed the underwater marine life of Galapagos and was in 2001 was the first person to take an all-Irish expedition to the Antarctic peninsula.
In 2008, he set up and continues to run Wild Derrynane to reconnect people with coastal and underwater wildlife at Derrynane National Park. Wildlife walks, ecosystem and biodiversity outdoor classrooms, rockpool explorer, snorkelling and diving experiences are just some of the mix on offer. Also in 2008, he created 'Puffins of Skellig Michael' an interactive touch board lesson for Promethean UK's Classflow platform. In 2013, he designed and delivered the Derrynane Seashore Nature trail as a looped walk and associated smartphone/tablet app.
His Marine and underwater films have featured at Wildlife film festivals and on TV including the BBC, having worked with the Natural History Unit.
He runs a Wildlife gallery in Caherdaniel and is currently pursuing a PHd with SMARTlab UCD in augmented/mixed and virtual reality for interpreting the environment.

Rod Robinson – Waterville Lakes and Rivers Trust
Workshop – Small stream Ecology and Management

Paddy Bushe
Workshop - Reading and Writing the Iveragh Landscape

John Moriarty
Saturday Night Music session '...wind rustling through the Iveragh...'
'Come and walk a ways, then sit with us.
Bring your sound and silence, and a thirst for the experience.
We'll weave a story through the landscape that is everybody's journey.'
John Moriarty has always been intrigued by all things noise and beautiful and distilled years spent as a drummer, outdoor enthusiast and writer into a Social Care degree at ITT.
He looks forward to merging with the Iveagh soundscape...and would very much appreciate your company.
And even more workshops coming soon!!!!