There are many things that make our beautiful village a great place to live and visit. The sea, the sights and most importantly the people!
We realise that this is a very challenging time for everyone all over the world. It's also when we need to draw on our amazing community spirit to do the right things and get through this crisis.
Staying home and keeping your distance is what's required and together we can get through this.

As businesses gradually re-open, our top priority is ensuring that Waterville is a safe place for you to visit.
All businesses currently open are ensuring that all hygiene practices are being kept to the highest possible standards. Businesses who are getting ready to re-open shortly are busy putting plans in action to keep all staff and customers safe whilst maintaining the high standards they set for themselves.

We will get through this together and hopefully, in the near future, we will welcome back old friends and new visitors to South-West Kerry.
Until then, stay safe!

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